AppSpace Release V1.1

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Released: Oct 11, 2010
Updated: Mar 4, 2011 by thomass
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Release Notes

We are again happy to present you a new Version of the XcoAppSpace!
More steps have been made to further improve stability, extensibility and usability of the XcoAppSpace. See the list of changes below for more details.


  • CCR assembly merged into XcoAppSpaces: You don't need to reference two different assemblies any more, as the ccr is now packed directly into the XcoAppSpaces.dll!
  • Remote ports with lease time: Remote Ports now have a lease time (default = 60 seconds), within which their reference cannot get lost, even if the user doesn't have any more reference to the port. The lease time is renewed every time a message arrives for the port. By that you don't necessarily need to keep a reference to a remote port any more, and the hard to explain behavior that a response message doesn't arrive because a port has already been garbage collected is now prevented.
  • Support for nested worker extensions: The AppSpace now supports the nesting of worker extensions, meaning you can place worker extensions within other worker extensions.
  • Support for multiple serializers: You can now use different serializers for different transport services. This enables you e.g. to use the standard binary serializer for communication with servers, while using the Json Serializer for communicating with mobile devices. You can find an example in the advanced usage demos.
  • Ack Port: If you want to asnychronously wait for messages to be sent, you can now use a special port where an Ack message is posted as soon as a certain message has been sent successfully. Checking if a message has been transferred successfully was previously only possible with the synchronous Send() method - with the Ack port it can now be done asynchronously by waiting either for Ack or an Exception. To make things easier, new overloads for the PostWithCausality() method are available. You can find an example in the advanced usage demos.
  • Improved XcoPublisher error handling when a registered remote port is no more available.
  • Loosened restrictions on predicate expressions for publish/subscribe, so that now also method calls are allowed, as long as the method is part of a .Net Framework Assembly (e.g. str => str.StartsWith("x")).
  • Added XcoAppSpace extension methods ReceiveJoined and ReceiveChoice that allow joins and choices with two ports.
  • Corrected error with tcp transport service where occasionally a socket was not closed correctly which lead to the problem that a connected space was still able to send messages to this socket without getting an error.
  • Removed some unnecessary RunWorker method overloads for clearer XcoAppSpace/IXcoAppSpace structure.

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