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What does it all mean for you?

We at Xcoordination think, the Application Space can be summarized as "Distribution that simply works" because...
  • you can develop/test your code locally and then distribute it transparently
  • you never need to worry again about WCF intricacies like callback contract or reentrancy in your code again
  • you get back in control of distributing and hosting your code like with .NET Remoting (compared to COM+) - but without the drawbacks of its problematic object oriented abstraction
  • you can distribute your components "in the cloud" right away with a tried and proven technology like Jabber - and it´s free
  • you can build "space components" to be hosted in the Application Space to facilitate communication between business components - think "architecture integration patterns"
  • you can easily add your own communication services

It´s about "moving to the multitudes"

With the Application Space you can easily scale your code from single to multi, from local to global:
  • move from single thread to multiple threads,
  • move from single core to multiple cores,
  • move from single address space to multiple address spaces,
  • move from single machine to multiple machines,
  • move from single network to multiple networks in the cloud.

It´s based on proven technologies

But instead of inventing new wheels the Application Space sits on top of existing technologies. It just aggregates and wraps them, and adds some abstractions here and there to make the whole much easier than its parts. The Application Space uses:

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