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The Xcoordination Application Space is a small framework to make writing asynchronous and distributed applications easier. It´s based on the concept of Space Based Computing which revolves around the notion of autonomous functional units communicating only indirectly and possibly in a stateful manner.

But let such terse abstract statements not confuse you. Here´s what the Application Space is in more concrete technical terms:
  • A framework to guide your application architecture
  • A framework to wire-up local or remote, synchronous or asynchronous components
  • A framework to connect distributed components via a multitude of transport media in a very easy and symmetrical way
  • A framework to make parallel programming easier by leveraging Microsoft´s Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) with yet another layer of abstraction put on top of it

Table of contents

XcoAppSpace was built using Clean Code Developer Principles

Getting started with the Application Space

Simple samples

Feature samples

Addon samples

Usage Demos

To make working with the application space as easy as possible we have implemented over 30 usage demos that guide you through all its functions. In addition to the usage demos there is now an example application available for download: the document editor. It shows how a simple local synchronous application can easily be extended with remote communication, publish/subscribe and security features, using the application space.

Additional infos

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