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Writing Your Own Service

Several parts of the XcoAppSpace can easily be replaced. This possibility also allows users of the XcoAppSpace also to write their own functionality for some parts and include that into the XcoAppSpace. These parts are:
  • The Transport Service(s): It may be that the selection of our transport services is not suitable for your needs. In that case, we would always be happy if you contact us and tell us about your needs! It may be that we are by the time already planning to add a transport service like the one you need (we are having a lot of plans for the future of the XcoAppSpace). You can find a description for implementing your own transport service here.
  • The Security Service: You may want to implement your own security service because the XcoBasicSecurity service that is part of the XcoAppSpace doesn't suit your needs. Again, feel free to contact us and tell us about your needs, it could be that we are already working on something! You can find a description for implementing your own security service here.
  • The Serializer: There are only few reasons why you would want to replace the default serializer (which serializes messages using the .Net BinaryFormatter class). One may be that you need interoperability to a certain serialization format (in this case you should first take a look at our Json serializer that provides interoperable serialization in the Json format, which could already be what you need). If you really need a custom serializer, it is probably best if you start looking at the source code of our default implementations, the XcoBinarySerializer and the XcoJsonSerializer. If you are having further questions then, feel free to contact us!

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